If you need to reach us for any reason please use the form below. We do our best to respond to all questions the same day they are received or next business day. We do attempt to respond on weekends as well but can’t guarantee that you’ll receive a response before Monday (even hard core coders need a break once in a while!).

If you have a question about how to install and configure the plugin, take a look at our user guide.

If you have a more technical question, such as how to sync custom fields or create an archive of your past emails, check out our developer guide.

We want you to have the best possible experience installing and using our plugin and we understand that many end users aren’t programmers themselves. We do our best to assist in getting you up-and-running, including helping you add custom code snippets as needed. That said, integration with third party plugins or custom WordPress setups falls outside of what we can provide in terms of free support. If you are interested in a custom integration we are available for an hourly rate of $85 and we’re happy to discuss your requirements and determine what is possible and an estimated cost and time frame for completion.